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Welcome to 4T clan website :D

We are a pro GM clan on Crossfire. Clan page link: 



Rank 1000!!!!

As u might know WE HAVE REACHED RANK 1000!!!!!!! We are realy proud on all loyal thiefs who worked for this :D, our next goal is 750!!!! :D

Happy killing, 4T!!!!

EU cf

as most of u will have heared, they have closed account creation for people out of europe. But u can still play with accs that has already been created. So a EU cf will come out. Here are reasons why u/we should not play eu cf.

1) U have to start all over again, knowing that evryone gonna farm at start to be at the top

2) There will be less maps on EU cf as far as I have been told.

3) There will be more hackers on EU cf as their game guard are not good yet, and there wil be hackers from all over world ( not sure about this).

4) On the cf we play now hackers will be reduced as alot of them will go to EU cf.



have fun :D

wanna stop the automatic emailing if there is something posted to u??

here are the steps

-Log in to ur account

-click on edit profile in sidebar

-then select the tab Notifications, u will see.

-decheck the box :D 


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